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Review of Dead of Wynter by Spencer Seidel

Prepare yourselves for a murder mystery/thriller that grabs you from the Prologue and refuses to let you go until the last word. The main character, Alice Wynter, is in constant turmoil over her past as well as her present. The sudden death of her father, and ominous disappearance of her twin brother draws her away from her broken marriage. She reluctantly returns to her childhood home in Redding, Maine to help her mother, but finds herself involved in helping to figure out who killed her father. She tries desperately to keep the pain of her past buried deep inside, but as she resigns herself to solving her father’s murder and finding her brother, her secret starts clawing its way back. Seidel has crafted a story that is both engaging and disturbing. His characters are complex and realistic. This debut novel has made Spencer Seidel a new author worth following. My only regret is that I let this book sit buried in a stack of other books for almost a year!

Disclaimer: I won this personalized autographed copy of Dead of Wynter in a giveaway in May 2011.

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