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Using Pinterest for Work and Play

A few weeks ago I started seeing Pinterest pins showing up in my Facebook feed. I soon began hearing that it’s a huge time waster, so I wasn’t really interested in getting involved in it. But for the web 2.0 course I thought I’d give it a try.

I’m hooked. Yes, I knew this would happen. I’m finding all these amazing photos about home decorating, cooking, traveling, and painting my nails. And I won’t even get into the images I pinned of Gerard Butler! Ummm, yeah.

Pinterest is currently blocked in my district, so I’m not sure that it’s use is even a possibility any time soon. However, I could see teachers and students using it as an organizational tool as part of their research. They could create boards for their ancient civilization, or author study, or science project. Perhaps open access is on the horizon.

As a writer, the images are awe-inspiring. I could imagine using the images I pinned to help me describe a scene, the color and textures of an Irish cottage, or even a strong, handsome, male character….named Gerry.

Pinterest will be fund to continue exploring, but it is definitely a huge time-sucker.

Now where was I????


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Adding a New Dimension to my Blog

I’ve started an online Web 2.0 workshop because I want to learn more about these features in order to be more up-to-date with my technical knowledge. My immediate focus for these new skills will be for my teaching, with the side benefit of being able to incorporate them into my writing life. So, I’m eager to get started (and need to catch up actually), and am looking forward to learning new things. You’ll see updates on my progress posted here. 

I’d love to hear what you think.


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