Adding a New Dimension to my Blog

I’ve started an online Web 2.0 workshop because I want to learn more about these features in order to be more up-to-date with my technical knowledge. My immediate focus for these new skills will be for my teaching, with the side benefit of being able to incorporate them into my writing life. So, I’m eager to get started (and need to catch up actually), and am looking forward to learning new things. You’ll see updates on my progress posted here. 

I’d love to hear what you think.



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2 responses to “Adding a New Dimension to my Blog

  1. Evan

    Welcome! We’re thrilled that you are joining this program, and looking forward to your reflections. I like your “three pronged” outlook: to enhance your technical knowledge around some of the 2.0 tools available, to inform your teaching, and the potential use of some of these tools in your writing life. Looking forward to your reflections as we learn and play. A great way to catch up, as you noted, is though reading and commenting on other blogs as part of this program community. That will be a great way to engage and discover as there have been some great questions and answers going on in the conversations. Thanks for participating, we’re all excited to be on this learning adventure together!

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