Putting What I’ve Learned into Practice

I’ve spent quite a bit of time lost within Pinterest. I love all the different, beautiful images out there! I’m slowly starting to search for ideas for my library, especially reading and book promotion.

My favorite tool after Pinterest is Evernote. I spent this weekend creating a webquest by typing my plan in the Evernote app on my tablet. I love having the ability to jot things down and not have to drag my laptop around!

As part of the webquest, I’m going to direct my students to some of the tools I’ve learned from the online course I’m taking. I think they could benefit from using Evernote, and probably VoiceThread for their collaborative project. Wish me well as I venture out into unfamiliar territory with students following my lead!



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3 responses to “Putting What I’ve Learned into Practice

  1. Evan

    Your enthusiasm and sense of discovery is inspiring! I agree that Pinterest can be a wonderful resource for exploring ideas for our libraries and other environments. I have been seeing an increase in “uses of Pinterest for libraries” type articles and resources lately on the web. This is good news! These will find their way onto the Pinterest site and continue to enrich and deepen what is available for images, uses and ideas.

    It was great reading about your webquest, your plan to share and direct your students to tools you’ve learned is wonderful. Learning 2.0 is a powerful thing to witness and be a part of–I’m convinced that as a society we’re realizing more and more that it is incumbent on us all to share, to inspire and educate each other, and it is gratifying to be a part of this! Best of luck with your webquest and working with your students, hope you will continue to share about this!

  2. That’s great you are using all of these tools in your school! I haven’t gotten into using Pinterest yet but it looks like a great tool and a lot of people are using it. Evernote is definitely a great tool for note taking. I haven’t used VoiceThread quite yet. What college class are you taking? It sounds interesting and I am glad you are putting the tools into practice in the library.

    • Hi, Shannon.

      I am really enjoying Evernote. I’m starting to use it for everything! Pinterest is a guilty pleasure at the moment, and if my district ever opens it up for access, then I will find neat ways for the students to use it. I’m taking an online professional development course on web 2.0 tools. Many of the tools are still blocked, but I’m hoping to have VoiceThread unblocked. I think students would enjoy using it for presentations. Thanks for your comment.

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