I’ll Never Lose My Documents Again!

I’ve been a user of Google Docs for about a year. I introduced it last year to my 10th grade students when they started their English/Global 10 research project. We used this as a way for them to share their essays with me so I could give them feedback on how to improve them before submitting them to their core subject teachers. Google Docs proved to be an invaluable tool; not only did they get a review of their rough draft, but I got to see in what areas they needed help. I was able to tell their Global Studies teachers that the students actually knew their content, while I had to break the news to the English teachers that the students were struggling with writing. This experience informed both the teachers’ and my practice, but also taught the students a new tool.


Now that I’ve had the experience of using Dropbox, I have a new tool that I am promoting to my students. This is an amazing tool that has forever transformed the way I think about my tasks. I created folders for work, home, my creative writing endeavors, and my small business. I’ve stored my monthly report in Dropbox so I always have access to it. Today I taught a lesson and mentioned Dropbox as a way for students to collaborate on their project. My assistant principal was observing my teaching during the lesson, and afterward he asked me about Dropbox. I love learning new things and sharing them. I especially enjoy when people get as excited about learning something new as I do. I intend to follow upnwith him to see if he’s tried it. I also plan to offer my Lunch Bytes sessions next year to give teachers a chance to try it. 


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  1. Those are two very useful tools!! I love Google Docs AND Dropbox.

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