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Summer Writing Plans

A few days ago I came across a tweet, announcing an online summer writing workshop. What caught my attention about the post was that the workshop is specifically for teachers and librarians. Well, I happen to fall into that category, so of course I had to join. The other attractive thing about this workshop is that it’s organized by author Kate Messner. ┬áSo, a (free) writers’ workshop, offered online by a well-known author.

A no–brainer.

I hope to finish a short story that I started over a year ago, and perhaps start some others. However, lately I’ve been thinking about writing a Young Adult novel. I know, crazy isn’t it?! But I’m a high school librarian and I love to read YA fiction,I love to write, so why not write YA fiction? So maybe I’ll find some inspiration this summer.

Watch here for updates.

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