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Wanted: Professional Help or Why I want to win a free membership to The Freelance Writers’ Den

In August 2010 I started my freelance writing business by filing my DBA, purchasing a laptop and office supplies and enrolling in a business startup seminar at my local Small Business Development Center. With the help of my business advisor, I spent months writing my business plan. I researched my market, identified my local and national competition, cited experts who had written articles on the “how tos” of starting a freelance writing career, and detailed my business goals. My focus was threefold: copywriting for businesses to make the bulk of my income, freelance writing for magazines and newspapers to make some additional money and because I love to write articles, and creative writing because it is my passion.

During my startup “honeymoon phase,” I created a website and Facebook page for my business, started this blog, joined Twitter (@wscalfaro) (and Tumblr for more creative pursuits), and bought a few books on how to be successful at freelance writing and copywriting. (Yes, I’ve even read most of these books). I’ve written a few press releases for friends’ businesses, did some ghostwriting, and I regularly write book reviews for School Library Journal and my blog.

Despite all these “baby steps,” I’m ashamed to say I’ve fallen short of where I wanted to be at this point. Thanks to my business plan, I had focus, but somehow I lost it. Lately I’ve been really good at starting things, but lack the…something…to continue. Fear of success? Fear of failure? Fear of the unknown?

I’m hoping that if I win this contest to receive a one year’s membership in The Writers’ Den that Carol, Linda and the Community will help me re-focus my efforts to be the successful writer I know I have the talent to be. I believe being a part of a supportive group is essential to meeting my goals. I thank Carol and Linda for the opportunity to apply for this award.


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