A Rhyming Poem

Today on Kate Messner’s blog, author Liz Garton Scanlon gave a Teachers Write mini-lesson on rhyming poems. Here’s my attempt at completing the assignment.

On Display

The circle widens as more people come
A crowd such as this I would not find at home

Children are screaming and running amok
America passes by along the sidewalk

The rumble and roar of Harleys overpowers
The weather report does not call for showers

“Lemonade!” the girls shout from their homemade stand
Salesmen stroll by with light up toys in hand

No mosquitoes but June bugs hover ‘round trees
Overhead brown bats swoop in for a free meal

Then all grows still ‘cept for ahs and ooos
As fireworks burst forth into glorious blooms

(c) 2015, Wendy Scalfaro. All rights reserved.


Filed under Poetry, Writing

3 responses to “A Rhyming Poem

  1. journalsallcrazy

    Keep up the great writing

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