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A Little Nerdy Blogging Today

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I’m the guest blogger over on the Nerdy Book Club’s blog today. Please take a look. And while you’re there, check out some of the other posts as well. Very inspirational stuff.

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Valentiny Writing Contest Entry

A Fun writing contest, brought to you children’s author, SUSANNA LEONARD HILL.

Here’s my entry.


Tillie’s Valentine Surprise

Tillie the plant was grumpy, because she was just a plant. She sat in her pot, surrounded by other plants, beneath a dull light in a cool basement. There was nothing extraordinary about any of them. Tillie wanted to be extraordinary, but she was afraid she would remain just a plant. Her grumpiness grew.

One day, a little girl wrapped her hands around Tillie’s pot. She carried Tillie through the darkness and up some stairs. It felt warmer up here, and it was much brighter! The girl placed Tillie on a shelf beneath another light. It was warm and welcoming. Tillie snuggled in, happy about her new home. Her grumpiness began to fade.

Every day, the little girl watered Tillie’s roots, made sure the light shone directly on her leaves, and talked to her. At night, before the girl turned off Tillie’s light, she said, “I love you.”  Tillie’s grumpiness faded more.

One day, Tillie realized she didn’t feel like just a plant anymore. She felt…


“Oh!” the little girl exclaimed, and ran off.

Tillie worried, and turned grumpy again.

The girl returned. She drew a picture, and held it up to Tillie.

It was a picture of Tillie. She was a beautiful, red, heart-shaped tomato!

Tillie was not grumpy.



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