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Review of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Wow!! I don’t know what to say for a proper review, so here are my random thoughts.

My friend, Allison recommended this book to me several times so I figured I’d better read it. Allison is a school librarian, so I assumed this would be a nice children’s book. Lol!

I love when an author reveals a character’s backstory so carefully without giving away too much, but just enough that you can begin to guess what happened. I felt I knew what Eleanor’s tragedy was, and I was right…to a degree. But Honeyman had a gut-punch surprise for me at the end.

This book was amazing. The narration by Cathleen McCarron was spot-on, and I enjoyed the accents (I will actively search for more audiobooks with her as narrator). Everything about this book makes me want to move to Glasgow.

If nothing else, this is a story about perseverance and the power of true friendship to pull us through our darkest hours. In fact, I want Eleanor and Raymond to be my best friends. I HIGHLY recommend Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I laughed and cried and felt all the feels. It is not neatly wrapped up, but it does leave you with hope for a brighter future.

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Review of Hazel’s Theory of Evolution

Full disclosure: I won a copy of an Advance Reader’s Edition from the author on Twitter.

Hazel's Theory of EvolutionMy heart ached for Hazel as she stressed about making friends in a new school, tried to maintain her relationship with her best friend from her old school, and struggled to not worry about her mom being pregnant following two miscarriages. With the first page, Hazel is an immediately likable character. Bigelow adeptly conveys Hazel’s “differentness” without being heavy-handed, leaving the reader to reach their own conclusions. The secondary characters are equally interesting and provide a nice supporting cast for Hazel. The ending is hopeful and satisfying, perfect for the middle-grade reader. Recommended.

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