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I am Only One Person

This poem is directly inspired by the Teachers Write! prompt on Jo Knowles’ blog, and in reflection on the tragic events of the past week.

One Person

I’m only one person, but I can…
at each passerby, every person in line
White or black,
Or any hue


I’m only one person, but I can…
for and with each family whose loss
Is their whole world
In a single moment


I’m only one person, but I can…
my blood, each part used
To replenish, sustain, heal
Bodies of humanity


I’m only one person, but I can…
my two children to love thy neighbor
Do what Jesus did
Accept, forgive, sacrifice.


I’m only one person, but I can…
Bear witness
to the pain I know others suffer
Because people are not listening
Nor believing it is real


I’m only one person, but I can…
for courage to fight for equality
And unity
For the world


I’m only one person, but I can…
I can…
I can…
I can…


(c) Wendy Scalfaro, 2016. Al rights reserved.



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A Rhyming Poem

Today on Kate Messner’s blog, author Liz Garton Scanlon gave a Teachers Write mini-lesson on rhyming poems. Here’s my attempt at completing the assignment.

On Display

The circle widens as more people come
A crowd such as this I would not find at home

Children are screaming and running amok
America passes by along the sidewalk

The rumble and roar of Harleys overpowers
The weather report does not call for showers

“Lemonade!” the girls shout from their homemade stand
Salesmen stroll by with light up toys in hand

No mosquitoes but June bugs hover ‘round trees
Overhead brown bats swoop in for a free meal

Then all grows still ‘cept for ahs and ooos
As fireworks burst forth into glorious blooms

(c) 2015, Wendy Scalfaro. All rights reserved.


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A Quick Poem about my WIP

This “poem” is the result of a prompt from Jo Knowles’ blog for Teachers Write.

Age 12,
a child growing up during WWI.
Her desperate mother,
places her in the care of a cruel woman,
who dumps her in an orphanage.
Feeling torn away from her mother,
she nonetheless
does as she’s told.
She finds solace in nurturing her garden,
kindness from a loving nun,
and a friendship,
that challenges boundaries.
Until a tragedy opens the door to freedom,
but makes her question what really matters.

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