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I am Only One Person

This poem is directly inspired by the Teachers Write! prompt on Jo Knowles’ blog, and in reflection on the tragic events of the past week.

One Person

I’m only one person, but I can…
at each passerby, every person in line
White or black,
Or any hue


I’m only one person, but I can…
for and with each family whose loss
Is their whole world
In a single moment


I’m only one person, but I can…
my blood, each part used
To replenish, sustain, heal
Bodies of humanity


I’m only one person, but I can…
my two children to love thy neighbor
Do what Jesus did
Accept, forgive, sacrifice.


I’m only one person, but I can…
Bear witness
to the pain I know others suffer
Because people are not listening
Nor believing it is real


I’m only one person, but I can…
for courage to fight for equality
And unity
For the world


I’m only one person, but I can…
I can…
I can…
I can…


(c) Wendy Scalfaro, 2016. Al rights reserved.



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My First Tuesday Quick Write for Teachers Write 2013

Sometimes on the south shore of Lake Ontario, the fish wash up and stink up the whole place with their fishy smell. Their mooneyes stare up into the sky and cloud over. Their once-shiny bodies become dull, but the seagulls find them delectable, their cries calling their friends to the feast. It’s hard to find a place to enter the water, with limp bodies strewn about. Still, the sand is cool and soft beneath my feet as I walk along the beach. If I dare to venture closer to the water, careful to avoid the dead fish, the hard, wet sand feels reassuring on my soles. It’s firmer and cooler that the dry stuff. Bits of shells and water-worn glass poke out from the sand. These I pick up. And the piece of driftwood that catches my eye. I place these items in my pocket, running my thumb over each surface, committing their feel to memory; memory of a childhood that drew to a close ages ago. There is no breeze this morning. The water is calm, with only the slightest kiss against the shore. I turn and walk away, the sounds of summer and youth fading behind me.

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Three Ways to Find and Feel Divine Inspiration

I am a divinely inspired writer. I don’t mean to say that I write inspirational, spiritual, or religious material. I simply mean that when I am in need of ideas, the Universe/God/Source provides them. How do I know this? Faith. I believe that the idea, or word, or answer I need comes to me through God. The feeling I experience when this happens is hard to explain, but I’m certain it happens to all of us. The thought I think just feels right. I’ve learned not to question it; I just run with the idea, or write down the word, or walk in a certain direction. I frequently crack writer’s block when I keep my faith strong and remember to recognize the help when it arrives.

So how can you learn to recognize divine inspiration? Try these easy steps, or practice them again if you haven’t done so in a while. Then feel writer’s block crumble.

1. Brainstorming

Have youever brainstormed a story idea? You experience divine inspiration when you do this. Jamee Rae explains the brainstorming process in her recent blog article. I read her article on brainstorming with great interest. I’ve been stuck on a scene in a short story and I thought maybe a brainstorming session would help me get things going again. Jamee’s article is a great “how to” guide for this traditional writers’ practice. You can experience divine inspiration in progress through a session of brainstorming. Once you get started and the word associations or thoughts come to you, let them come freely. Don’t invite your self-editor to this session. Write everything down that comes to your mind, and find yourself in the flow of divine inspiration.

2. Perform the Mundane

Sometimes when I’ve reached a point where everything I write is garbage, I step away from my work in progress and do everyday tasks. When I’m driving is usually a productive time for me because I can think about a particular problem in my writing and usually arrive at my destination for my story. You can even put yourself in your character’s shoes and perform a mundane chore to break out of a rut. What’s running through your protagonist’s mind while she does the dishes, folds laundry, or polishes her nails? Try to focus your thoughts as if they are your character’s and discover what he’s thinking or feeling. Letting your mind wander is a great way to send your self-editor packing and open up to receiving divine inspiration.

3. Meditation/Quiet Retreat

Not only is meditation very relaxing for the body, but it can also relax the mind enough to open it up to receiving inspiration. This practice is not as scary or strange as you may think. You don’t have to be formal about it at all. You can either find a method that you like by Googling “meditation techniques” or simply retreat to your favorite quiet place. Concentrate on your breathing and then relax, and let the inspiration flow to your mind.

What do you do to allow divine inspiration into your life? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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